Five of Oregon’s best bar managers walk into a bar. And they don’t leave! Instead, they form Team Riff Raff, the high-energy squad behind Portland’s Bit House Saloon. “It’s an all-star cast that has proven you can make many different styles work together cohesively…provided enough tequila,” general manager Jesse Card says. Luckily, Bit House Saloon has plenty of tequila, plus 24 single barrels of booze, a full slate of boilermakers, whimsical slushies and even a house sherry blend on tap.

Bit House is located in a historic, exposed-brick building that formerly housed another real, live saloon. That old-timey feel is dialed up to 11 at Bit House, where the floors are made from old bourbon barrels, the bar is built from Oregon wine barrel staves and the room is dotted with leather armchairs and brass light fixtures. The cocktail menu has bold cocktails alongside precious ones. There’s the ingenious Churchill Infield, for example, a spin on a mint julep that’s just bourbon served over a lime-mint granita. (Why didn’t we think of that?) And a booze-your-own-adventure selection of draught cocktails, in which you choose a drink like a Kentucky Buck and then a flavoring ranging from marionberry to jalapeño. As Card says, “Bit House has reimagined the modern saloon and by god is it fun.”  For full article link HERE.