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Milk Bandits

Portland band, Milk Bandits, deliver a modern take on musical icons from the 50s and 60s. They infuse the sly seduction of Henry Mancini’s “Peter Gunn” into their track “Twisted” and sprinkle the disquieting cries of Oscar Brown Jr’s “But I Was Cool” into their track “Blue”. Their performances are an emotion-packed, color-filled spectacle, not to be missed.

Ezza Rose

“Her beautifully delicate, mournfully classic voice floats amongst the loosely bound, misty particles in the air and our minds and fills the cracks with a sound that's chilling and comforting, all at once.” -Vortex Music Magazine


Joypress is a 3 piece garage rock band with influences stemming from americana and post-punk sounds. Joypress is based out of Portland, Oregon and composed of Michael Nazari (vocals/guitar), Zac Olsen (bass), and Chayse Goda (drums). The trio grew up together and have been friends since grade school. Their brotherly bonds can be felt during their performances and extends through their music.