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Night 3 at Bit House Saloon

*INADE*-Masters of Occult Dark Ambient
*COVEN OF ASHES*- All Female Ritual Theatre & Bloodletting
*SORIAH*- Tribal, Tuvan Throat Singing, Ritual Performance
*BRUJENTROPY*- Spoken Wyrd, Ritual Noise, DeathDream Electronics

*FRATER DECUS* & *ERICH ZANN* (from KFFP Freeform Portland Radio)

*ANATHEMA PUBLISHING*- Independent Publishing House Producing Quality Occult & Contemporary Esoterica Books.
*ROSARIUM BLENDS*- Alchemical Concoctions to Enliven the Senses.
*LUCIFERIAN APOTHECA*- Dedicated retailer of Left-Hand Path and Darker Esoteric supplies.
*NIGHT OF PAN BOOKS*- Specializing in new, used and rare books on the esoteric and the occult.
*BLACK FLAME TAROT*- a magical work featuring hand-drawn pieces inspired by Setian Black magical themes.
*More TBA!

3-Day Conference Pass (Admission to all presentations and opening night. No entry to L.V.X.N.O.X./Saturday evening events and performances): $156
Full Weekend Pass: $175 (Includes admission to all scheduled events, including L.V.X.N.O.X.).
Saturday or Sunday Day Pass: $93
(Admission to daytime presentations only. No admission to the opening night or L.V.X.N.O.X./Sunday evening events and performances):
L.V.X.N.O.X. only: $20

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