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We are proud to be hosting the masked lords of Darksynth Lazerpunk and Shredder 1984 with support from Portland's adopted Dream Reaper!

With the Death & Glory Tour being the first US tour for Lazerpunk, and Portland's very first time to be hosting Lazerpunk, Shredder 1984, and Dream Reaper, we are expecting a packed house full of Non-stop headbanging fun!


Budapest based producer and DJ Lazerpunk released his first album in 2014, but it was his 2018 album “Death & Glory” which established him as one of the most talked about producers in the now very popular Synthwave music scene.

Opening for Synthwave legends like Perturbator and Carpenter Brut as well as collaborating with names like Scandroid, Aesthetic Perfection and Daniel Deluxe has made Lazerpunk a force to be reckoned with not only in the European Synthwave scene but all over the globe.


Shredder1984 is a French darksynth artist making electronic music inspired by 80s movies
and retro videogames, blending aggressive beats, retro synthesizer and shredding guitar
solos during live performances between his neon pentagram and own video show.

Coming from a metal background after 10 years of touring in Europe and Japan, he starts to
write and produce his first synthwave album named “Synth City” in 2015, inspired by
cyberpunk culture, and starts touring France and the USA as Shredder1984.

So join us for this Darksynth experience at SCPDX's house of Synthwave at Bit House Saloon March 20th, and don't forget to look into our VIP options for a even more rad and personal experience!

Stay rad,

- Synth City PDX

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