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One woman art-pop trickster The Sexbots is back with a rap album about losing it and becoming a cat lady. This is The Sexbots' Cat Party with kitty go-gos, a cat lady costume contest, and a pet psychic.

Towards the end of 2017, The Sexbots’ Ilima Considine called her work as she walked out of the courthouse with a stalking order against a co-worker. The Sheriff’s Department was going to serve him during his shift the next day. Her workplace responded by cutting her schedule to 5 hours a week- virtually firing her, because, “You’re the one with the problem.” Ilima was so mad that she went home and wrote a rap album about losing all her fucks and becoming a cat lady. Recurring themes of violence, street harassment, loneliness and quietly watching one’s life disintegrate - The Sexbots’ seventh full-length album “I Always Knew You Were a Bitch” is titled after a common response to a sexually unavailable woman or one who protects other women. Like the rest of the Sexbots’ catalogue, there is a surface prettiness to the sound which belies the dark lyrical content. It’s a rap album- but not a hip hop album, kind of like Jhene Aiko meets Serge Gainesbourg. Bell chimes and cosmic sounds tie together tracks from Oregon producers T-Walk, DJ Ceez, Adaptr, and Eugene’s wild child Asol. 

Last known, the State of Oregon was pursuing an Extreme Risk Protective Order against Ilima’s stalker. She now has a safer day job.

The Sexbots is an international avant-pop experiment led by Ilima Considine, a queer Asian single mom who sets her inimitable vocals against electronic soundscapes from hiphop producers around the world.

Elton Cray

This isn't glitter gay- openly gay MC Elton Cray brings the grit to gay rap, with classic vinyl-sampling, doom-tinged boom bap beats. Vision, hunger, and the perspective of the perennial outsider whose flow lulls with its smoothness until each calculated hard consonant hits like a slap on the side of the face.

Hosted by James Barela
He hosts a comedy night called "Sincerity is Gross" but I mostly follow him because of the food pictures that he posts of Facebook. Dude can eat and I get fat just looking at the pictures. He also appears as the dirty plumber- full butt crack mode in The Sexbots video "A List of Things I've Done Wrong".

Get your questions ready, we will have the Pet Psychic to the stars with us!!!! Melody Awesomazing will be with us!!!

Special guest- MIRA DEATH!!!!!!!