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A dream induced evening of ritual magic, trance, performance art, music, and flesh hook suspension.


On an ephemeral journey through astral waters we walk the precipice to the brink of ecstasis to liberate the imagination.
May we consciously actualize these dreams so our lives reflect the desires of our higher self and divine purpose.

—Titano Oddfellow-
the ancient art of testing the mortal coil

—Emblanic Voice-
-Hilary Lobitz and Dustin Shultz
an elemental journey of blood magic, emersive electronics, and soaring vocals into the depths

a luminescent waltz into the shadow

—Darkly Sisters-
-Ophelia and Cordelia Darkly
a sensory adventure into astral water

pure psychic automatism, by which one intends to express, sonically, the real functioning of the mind

—Ogo Eion

—Viktor Nova

—Etheric Rising-
a flesh hook suspension

union of the subtle body with the cosmic dream

with Hilary Lobitz, Dustin Shultz, Brien Sherman, Carina Cassone and Michelle Pacheco