NoFOMO presents:
Etbonz (Love on the Rocks/Bahnsteig/Voyeurhythm)
NoFOMO residents
Sappho & Stormy Roxx

Photography: MYKLFSTR
Door: Shelly
Flier design: Alec Karl Marchant

21+ CASH DOOR - $10
sound by One Wub

Etbonz aka Elliott Thomass is a DJ and producer, native to Portland. He began producing music 12 years ago and has been DJing parties around town for the last 10 years. He’s the dude that puts the sham in your tam. His chuggy sci-fi style will take you down a rabbit hole out into space. The easiest way to describe his music and style is by comparing it to the classic film Big Trouble in Little China; it gets whacky, a little scary, super fun, and it doesn’t take itself seriously. While both DJing and playing live, he puts emphasis on creating spacey psychedelic crunchy moments of beauty and fear. Etbonz takes inspiration from a wide variety of music as well as film, such as Legowelt, B-52s, Total Recall, and Aliens to name a few (have you heard his track Xenomorph City, yet?). He lives, breathes, and sees music. Everything he makes and curates creates strong visuals that bleed into stories. He shoves sound down your throat that bleeds out through your eyes into futuristic cityscapes, war scenes, drug deals gone wrong, and laser beams. His last two releases include Cambodian Dream on the label Bahnsteig 23, and My Kind of Future on the label Love On The Rocks, featuring a remix by Prins Thomas.

This month a portion of our proceeds will go to:
Q Center